A Family Photoblog For the New Year

My family has gone nuts over photography. As parents we have enabled this behavior by purchasing our daughters cameras. They love to take photos of people they know, places they go and things they do. My oldest is never without her camera. She has a Canon Powershot SX10 IS. Not to be outdone, my youngest daughter has a Powershot SD series camera. Dad has a Canon Rebel T1i and mom also has a Rebel Digital. With all this photography equipment we thought it would be a shame to allow an opportunity to take photos to go to waste.

The oldest does not need a excuse to take photos. She is always taking a photo to update her Facebook. She and her friends are crazy about sharing photos. The youngest goes in spurts. Mom and dad simply needs to find time. So the idea was to set up a photoblog which would give everyone a goal to meet each day.

We went to WordPress.com and set up a free blog. It is easy enough to update and upload the latest photographs. We simply write a blur about what the photograph was about and then post the photo. It could not be easier.

The oldest likes to take creative photos. She really pushes her imagination in interesting ways. The things she sees and her ideas are quite inspiring. The youngest likes to take photos of goofy things like the dog or guinea pigs. Mom loves to take photos of the stuff she cooks or creates. Dad likes to take photos of the outdoors, mixing interesting textures and perspectives.

We hope to be able to keep photoblogging through the year. It will be very interesting to look back in a few months to see what we blogged about. Personally my hope is to improve each day / month / week in taking better photos. I can say for sure that the extended family all over the country already found it fascinating to see what we are going to next next. They think it is a great idea. I think every family could find value in this kind of blogging.

Source by Christopher Morris