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What's the key to getting quality people to connect with me on a free online dating site?

The key to getting the quality singles and not the losers at a free online dating site is to have a great profile picture. Now you do not want to Photoshop your picture until it's not even you, making you look like a supermodel when you're not. But you do not want to slap up some photo that's taken with a cheap webcam or cell phone that you did not even take the time to work with. Old pictures of you that's outdated (which make you look years younger), pictures that are too dark, too blurry or out of focus are not the best to attract the hot people that you're look for. Plus you're not doing anyone a favor with shots that are not the real you. You're not even doing yourself a favor because when you meet people in person or talk to them on webcam, it's gonna be a shocker for everyone.

Most people's profile pics are almost scary and depressing leaving you thinking, "Ewww. Are they for real? Do they really think that's attractive? Man, time to move on to the next profile." Well, if you look at online dating sites, you'll see some pretty bad profile photos even if in person, the real guy or girl is really cute and all those great things. Even the top online dating sites and best online dating sites are loaded with some pretty hairy, scary, and totally not hot pics. Someone may have a great photo but if it's too dim or the background is too cluttered, that's not really a best picture to put up on the wall of an online dating site because you get about two seconds before they click on another person's profile.

Your profile photo should show who you really are. Now you can spend a few bucks to have a professional photographer take your picture or you can spend a lot less by going to Wal-Mart and having a photographer do the same job. But it's easy to get some great shots to post on a free online dating site or taking an online dating site by taking your own picture. Be sure to wear what you would normally wear on a first date with someone. Be confident, smile, and look your best. Be relaxed and comfortable. Make sure that you hold the camera or webcam (which can take still photos) so that it does not shake and make your picture blurry. Stand in front of a mirror if you need to so that you can see how the pictures will turn out. The great thing about digital cameras is that you can take as many shots as you want.

Even if you're not photogenic, or do not think you are, even if you do not the time, and whatever other reasons you have, why even bother being on online dating sites? Your first impression to the world is your profile picture so make it a great one showing the real you!

Source by April Manovich